CSC safety inspection

CSC stands for the International Convention for Safe Containers.

In general, any container used for international transport must have a valid safety approval plate or "CSC plate".
CSC is the abbreviation for Container Safety Convention.
In order to avoid damage in transit, the container should, however, be properly inspected before and after packing.
CSC safety inspection

The CSC plate must contain all details on the container, e.g. type, manufacturer, approval number (also important for customs), year of manufacture serial number, weights and the expiration date of the plate. Renewals must take place 5 years after the first inspection at the latest and can only be carried out by specialist firms authorized to do so.

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CSC terms

CSC = Convention for Safe Containers.

MARKING and IDENTIFICATION = the rating, tare mass and payload of a container is marked on its wall, usually on the end (rear) door in the case of an end-loading dry cargo container.Each container has an identification code or container number---a combination of the 4-letter characters that identify the owner (the operator of container) and the 7-numeric characters that identify the container. The container number can be found on the outer and inner side walls.The container number is entered on the bill of lading to facilitate the identification and tracking of the container and the cargo.