Our general conditions

In terms of respect and safety:

article 1- Risks
The risks connected with the transport, leasig, delivery or repair of containers, or the risks connected with storing of the containers, are always for account of  the other party

Article 2 -Reservation of property in case of sale
The delivered containers remain the property of the company Atozcontainers untill the complete payment of the purchase price. the containers may not be pledged.
If Atozcontainers  invoices the reservation of property, the costs of repatriation of the containers are to be bome by
the buyer.

Article 3 - costs of setting up
The risks connected with the setting up of containers are to be bome by the other party. Costs of setting up are always invoiced separartely and are to be bome by the other party.

Article 4- Guarantee
Unless explicity agreed in writing, Atozcontainers does not give any guarantee whatsoever on the deliverd containers. In the event that Atozcontainers gives a guarantee, the guarantee will be cancelledwhen the container has been used in an injudicious way, repaired or has undergone anye changes whatsoever .

Article 5 - Liabillity
Atozcontainers can not be held liable for any damage whatsoever resulting from any delivery , leasing, use , of the sold containers. Under no circumstances Atozcontainers can be liable for damage which is not the direct, necessary and immediate consequence of the sale , leasing, delivery or use  of the sold container. Consequently Atozcontainers is not liable for loss of profit, consequenctial damage and suchlike. 
In no event Atozcontainers is liable for an amount in excess of the price Atozcontainers received from the sale or lease of the container that caused damage. The liabliity of Atozcontainers will in any case always be limited to an absolute maximum amount of €2500.

Article 6- Payment
All invoices are payable immediately and cash without discount at the social seat, and payments may under no circumstances be subordinated to particular circumstances or to the good execution of the operation charged in account or of others  Any complaint in connection with invoices must be presented within eigth days at the social seat. Except in cases of double invoicing or wrong addressing of an invoice, discussions can never exonerate the debtor from payment. Each invoice which is not paid by its due date will be increased, wiithout previous summons, with an interest as stipulated in the civil code  of 2nd August 2002 and will also be increased by 10%
The risks of changes in exchange rates or in the value attributed by law to the Euro is for account of the principal.

A to Z Service

Container terms

TEU = Twenty Foot Container Unit.

RATING = is the maximum permissible weight of a container plus its contents.

TARE MASS = is the mass (or weight) of empty container, may vary due to the different construction techniques and materials used in the container.

PAYLOAD = Payload is the maximum permitted mass (or weight) of payload, including the dunnage and cargo securement arrangements that are not associated with the container in its normal operating condition.

MARKING and IDENTIFICATION = The rating, tare mass and payload of a container is marked on its wall, usually on the end (rear) door in the case of an end-loading dry cargo container.Each container has an identification code or container number---a combination of the 4-letter characters that identify the owner (the operator of container) and the 7-numeric characters that identify the container. The container number can be found on the outer and inner side walls.The container number is entered on the bill of lading to facilitate the identification and tracking of the container and the cargo.